Is a 2012 feature film comedy, written and directed by Zam Salim. It celebrities Kate O’Flynn Burn Gorman, Aymen Hamdouchi, Chris Waitt, Jo Hartley and Warren Brown. It’s financed BBC by the UK Film Council and Creative Scotland. It’s based on Zam Salim’s movie ‘Laid Off’ . ‘Up There’ received its World Premiere at Mannheim-Heidelberg’s International Film Festival on 18 November 2011. It won the award for Best Feature Film in the 2012 Academy Scotland Awards, and has been broadcast on BBC Two.


A Movie for Stella Artois and Mother NY by Malcolm Murray Visual Catch: Murray is a director that I do therapy work for. He and I will consult to articulate the appearance and feel. Much of our work together aims for the aesthetic expressed in this beautiful short documentary “which shows the dying craft of firsthand painted advertisements and the untold story of the painters trying to keep it alive

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