Up there film

Picture Review


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Up There, can be really a brief science fiction film that intends to examine the results of isolation on a person being.

The Plot

The narrative, inspired by older scifi entertainment such as ‘The Twilight Zone, ” since it utilizes the Science Fiction genre to research major individual subjects whilst putting the viewer in to a brand new and one of a kind universe from the procedure and also above all, get people believing.

The storyline, place in Earths not too distant future, follows Robert Ferris, ” Captain of a Space Engineering Ship along with also his stranding inside a escape pod after a devastating injury aboard his boat. The movie follows the ramifications which long isolation and confinement is wearing Robert, since he sees himself completely independently as the occasions and eventually years pass by.

Nonetheless, that is merely half of this storyline, as after being rescued by a passing boat, Robert finally finds himself time for Earth, where he sees himself isolated from society and people, limiting himself to his country dwelling within a outsider, even before a chance encounter with a fellow lost soul might end up being the specific thing Robert should over come this detachment.


Our picture revolves round 50% studio established shooting and 50 percent on location shooting. There are two lead celebrities in the film in addition to an range of little components, most of which need their own expenses paid for.

We’re shooting on the expert theater standard ‘ARRI ALEXA’ camera using an range of lenses, so we’ll even require access to an expert standard dolly rig. We’ve Got a Number of professional grade lighting and editing applications at our disposal, and All that are to be appreciated by the University of Derby

We have to construct a complex and specialised collection that looks like the interior of a space craft escape pod cockpit. This is likely to be carried out by construction from scratch with decorated group apartments, and also will take into account nearly all the spending budget. But, we additionally require funds to employ one other shooting areas to your film, in addition to costumes, detail by detail props and production substances.

The Crew

Samuel Porter – Writer/ Director

Whilst the writer and director of the movie, this is really a fire job for me personally, and also a job I have now been working on for many months now, I’m now analyzing Film Production at the University of Derby and’ve already done a few short films of a number of genres. I’m rather enthusiastic about the science fiction genre and then take action to be my biggest passion in life, also check out get this to film something which respects and brings something fresh into the genre.

Dagmar Jones – Producer

Dagmar Jones functions as Producer with this particular undertaking, her devotion and also previous work listing together with myself ensures that individuals work efficiently as a team along with her preparation and resource management skills will be valuable to keep this fire on schedule and on budget.

Connie Davies – Manager of Photography

Connie was occupying film cinematography for 3 decades now and it has successfully established her very own visual style to convey the movie through. An Superb visual storyteller, myself and she have already collaborated on many previous endeavors and also have built up a Fantastic working relationship in the procedure, together with Connie using comprehension about exactly what visual cues I like to utilize from the movies that I guide

Freddie Nazroo – Audio Technology

As noise plays such a enormous role in attempting to sell the planet of the picture, we had an expert sound tech who’s reliable and ready to work into a top quality. Freddie’s job is to catch most of sound for our picture like dialog, in addition to source sound clips that’ll undoubtedly be added via the postproduction procedure.

Lauren Willaimson – Editor and article creation

Lauren are the minds of this films article creation, tackling aspects like editing, visual impacts, ADR designing and sound credits and titles.